KIA introduces a change in dual-clutch and 8-speed transmission for front wheel drive models


The KIA Cadenza will be the first model to mount the new automatic eight relations

KIA presents a new transmission of double clutch and eight-speed (8AT) for their models front-wheel drive, whose development has been carried out internally in South Korea. Its new design and technologies allow this new change to be more efficient, change gear more smoothly and to add comfort to our travel significantly reducing the levels of noise and vibration.

The first model that will mount this new eight-speed automatic transmission is the new sedan KIA Cadenza, which will land in the united States and other markets this year. Will form part of the endowment of series in versions equipped with the propellant gas V6 3.3-liter GDI. Subsequently will be introduced in other models of the brand of large and medium-sized, and even take for granted that it will reach the range of its sister Hyundai.

KIA speaks to us about his new change of double clutch and eight relations to their models of front-wheel-drive in perfect English

Equally compact than the 6AT but lighter

the brand’s engineers already had experience in a automatic change of eight relations but applied in models of rear wheel drive. The advantage of these is that the mounting of the transmission is longitudinal to the delivery of the power to the rear axle, in the case of drive models traditional the system becomes more complex, since the transmission has to be mounted in transverse position and try to make room under the hood next to the engine, suspensions, battery and other components.

The space is the great enemy in this development, however despite having a clutch extra and a couple of gears more, the new drive 8AT occupies the same space that the current transmission of six relations (6AT). Quite an achievement for the engineers to which we add the feat to further reduce the weight of this unit in 3.5 kg less with respect to the six relations.


The new unit occupies the same as the 6AT but it weighs 3.5 kg less

To get around this the engineers of the Korean company have had to register anything less than 143 new patented technologies. Among them, the oil pump of this unit has reduced both its size which KIA says is the smallest in its category, in addition to their utilization is highly efficient in distributing the oil continuously for the entire mechanism. On the other hand, the manufacturer stresses that the number of control valves has been reduced from 20 to 12 by means of a direct control of the clutch in place of multiple valves.

Thanks to these innovations, the new change of double clutch has increased the distance between the gear shorter and the longer in 34%, the acceleration becomes more smooth if we start the motion from a standing start and the comfort of the same is increased in all the range of power delivery of the engine especially in the higher gears, that is to say at cruising speeds.