KIA is in addition to the autonomous vehicles, the market for 2021

Recently we knew that Hyundai’s signature “sister” KIA, you will enter in the market of autonomous vehicles to 2021 of the hand of the american company Aurora. Now KIA announces a plan to produce vehicles with this type of technology in about three years, that is to say, to bring them to market also in 2021.

According to KIA, technologies for driving autonomous will be tested formally in a real-world environment next year. The autonomous vehicles have great utility in urban environments, by distributing better the traffic and being more efficient move for this kind of locations.

future autonomous cars KIA have a level 4 technology, this means that you will be able to drive completely autonomously and perform in situations of dense traffic without the need of driver. This type of vehicles will be connected to the internet to communicate among them and thus to be able to recognize their environment in a more complete form.

Without a doubt is a solution, very ingenious, but creates a handicap, and that autonomous vehicles of KIA, if you eventually incorporate this type of solution, will not be able to ride in a completely “free” in environments that do not have this information, for example, in rural environments.

“virtual reality, autonomous vehicles and connectivity of the car with everything, were considered to be technologies of a future much more distant. As these innovations become a reality in a quicker way, KIA is exploring how to implement them for their customers.” said Woong-chul Yang, Vice chairman of the Hyundai Group.

KIA joins the list formed by a number of manufacturers such as Audi, Tesla or Nissan, for to demonstrate that firm is the first to get your technology driving autonomous, and is not for less, the future of sales will be decided by this type of innovations.

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