Kia is willing to make the armored car of the argentine president

Kia Sedona

During these days Mauricio Macri, president of Argentina, has been in our country. With his visit, it seems that the trade relations between the two powers come at a better time than when I was his predecessor in office. However, the news that we bring to you has nothing to do (in part) with the relations between Spain and Argentina.

As we know, the Casa Rosada (name given to the official residence of the president of Argentina) need a new armored vehicle to the president. Traditionally the firm has served this type of vehicles, the argentine government has been Mercedes-Benz, however in the struggle to get the manufacturing model has entered suddenly Kia.

Mercedes-Benz Clase V

The signature south Korean is ready to build an image and reputation as a manufacturer of cars reliable and with some paint luxurious. In Argentina is one of the brands that you sell, however, obtain the production of such a vehicle will lead to a advertising more than remarkable. In addition, and unlike Mercedes-Benz, Kia has better credentials in terms of budget you are able to spend in Argentina for this vehicle since the budget of the Casa Rosada seems a little tight.

Another point that has to please Kia, is that during the time in which Macri was head of the government in its territorial demarcation, used as a vehicle for your displacements a Sedona (our old Carnival). In this case, the vehicle used was not shielded, but its crystals were reinforced to withstand possible attacks against him.

To achieve Kia hired to manufacture this armored vehicle I would be gaining the pulse of nothing less than Mercedes-Benz. As a curiosity we must say that the armored vehicle that proposes the mark of the star is manufactured in our country. However, we will have to see what requirements they ask for the Pink House for this car and if Kia is able to provide them for a price more affordable than the Mercedes-Benz.

Source – Daily Clarin