Kia Koup Mud Blogger: the final folly of Kia is a coupé suv for the SEMA 2015

Arrives the SEMA Show 2015, and with it, the preparations most crazy and unexpected, some, even, impossible. This is the case for Kia Forte Koup Mud Blogger, an off-roader with a few sources very different to those that one might expect in a vehicle of these characteristics. Someone must have thought, what would happen if we raise the suspension of a coupe to the extent possible, and we set up a wheels 28-inch? The result is obvious.

The Mud Blogger is a tribute to Kia’s culture automobile club of southern the united States.

The Mud Blogger is based on the Kia Forte Koup, a coupé that is not marketed in Europe, and after its transformation has become a beast unrecognizable. Beyond having raised its chassis, Kia has equipped this car with tires to be overcome with steadfastness dirt tracks and mud. It has also added extensions on their wheel arches to accommodate this extravagant combination of tires and wheels. On its front also looks like an additional protection for the front of the bumper. To all that, we have unirle a few seats Sparco Evo II Network Race, a roll cage to the extent of the Forte Koup, and many other curiosities that we will see in more detail in the next few days.

Kia says she’s going to SEMA Show, 2015, with six proposals, each of which is more crazy, focused on the tastes and the car culture of six specific regions of the united States. The one you see on these lines, the Mud Blogger, is the one that will be dedicated to the southerners of America, and his penchant for off-road, pick up and the transformations of the field.

Source: Kia
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