Kia manufactures the unit 3 million in its european plant in Žilina

two decades Ago, the quality of construction and reliability, Kia Motors was considered to be a signature of court low cost in the firmament of european car. However, the leaders of the asian brand is proposed to change this perception and to do this they made decisions strategic deep draft. One of the most important, and applauded, was the construction of a production centre in Europe, in particular in the Slovak city of Žilina.

centre of Žilina has positioned itself as a fundamental axis in the quality improvement of the models that Kia sells. Thanks to its production system the firm can offer a protection leader in the industry, as all the models it sells in Europe, and guarantee for 7 years or 150 thousand kilometers. In addition, cars that are manufactured representing over 50 percent of the sales of the brand in the Old Continent, so that is a key part of their growth strategy.

So important has become this factory for Kia (and the Hyundai Group as a whole) that he assembled three of their best selling models in the world. Ceed, Sportage and Come have achieved that in roughly 12 years you have gone out of their assembly lines 3 million vehicles. In this case, the unit it is a fortunate a Ceed second generation equipped with a mechanical petrol 1.0 T-GDi, and dress in white color, which will go to market icelandic.

Since the compact of the brand came to the market have already been assembled near 1.3 million units. In addition, they have been manufactured in this plant its sport versions, the GT and pro_Ceed GT. However, not only of Ceed lives the plant of Žilina, as the Sportage is close to overcome the production of the first with almost 1.4 million units in their last three generations.

in Addition, the Slovak centre Kia is responsible for the production of various mechanical petrol as well as diesel for the Hyundai Group. Between the gasoline are 1.4 MPI, 1.6 GDI, 1.6 T-GDI, and in the diesel CRDI we find the 1.4, 1.6 and 1.7-liter displacement. At the top are the block diesel CRDI 2.0 R and the new U3 which will incorporate the Ceed of the third generation.

finally, we emphasize that the past year 2017 came out of the center of Žilina a total of 335.600 vehicles and 539.987 mechanics that were exported to more than 80 countries in the world. In any case, it only remains for us to congratulate Kia for having accomplished something that seemed unreachable, change their image and become a fearsome opponent for firms, general practitioners in europe.

Source – Kia

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