Kia Motors has already manufactured 1 million units of the Sorento

Kia Sorento 1 millón

market of the SUV has become very important for brands of cars. For many of them, these models represent a very high percentage of its sales mix. The case more curious is the Mazda for the range CX, cup up to 50 percent of their deliveries world. For this market trend, many industry groups are betting everything in this segment and for now it seems that they are working.

One of the models that best work is done in their latest generation is the Sorento Kia. The mid-size SUV large of manufacturer south Korean is one of the most complete of the current panorama. It is true that not account with the latest advances in the field of connectivity or driving aids, but your balance is very valued by customers. Proof of this is that its global sales represent an important part of the manufacturer.

Prueba Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi 4x2 200 CV

The first generation of the Kia Sorento came the market mid-year 2001. Their technical approach was focused on the all-terrain, but as the years have passed and the trendy SUV has been imposed has been moving. The second generation came in 2009 and employing a platform derived from the that rode its predecessor. This iteration already pointed ways towards the SUV segment; but it was not until the third generation arrival in 2013, which gave the jump to the land of the SUV itself.

This jump segment, a quality of realization high design and a very careful have convinced the customers and therefore the signature south Korean is celebrating these days a milestone. Of the assembly lines that Kia has in West Point, Virginia (united States) has left the unit 1 million of the current generation of the Sorento. This plant only caters to the american market but is the one that has had the privilege of assembling this unit so special.

The Kia Sorento also is assembled in Malaysia and South Korea to other countries of the globe (such as Spain) but its rate of production is lower. The current generation of the Sorento will remain two years in the market, but surely before it gets to your substitute will beat another record for the brand.

Source – Kia Motors

Kia Sorento
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