Kia Niro 2016, and will be the first hybrid of the brand Korean

In a world where more and more concerned about the consumption of fuel and the entry into operation of the systems of mobilization alternative, brands such as Kia do not have any model that can cater to this demand, so the next year we will see its first hybrid on the market, the Kia Niro 2016, which is shown in the first teaser.


The Niro will maintain the philosophy of current design of Kia

it is Never easy to introduce a hybrid model in the range of a company. Although since more than 10 years ago they have been occupying a small part of the volume of world sales, the truth is that continue to be more of a showcase technology than real. In spite of this it is important to begin to take advantage of the evolution of these systems.

As we all know Hyundai is working on a direct rival of the Toyota Prius, the genesis of the modern hybrids. In the case of the Niro 2016, it will take advantage of the development initiated by his brother, and what it will take to himself in a unique way. That is to say that Deniro will not count more that with that mechanical configuration. Good-bye to the single blocks of gasoline and diesel fuel.

it Is expected that a gasoline engine of four cylinders and 1.6 liters is accompanied by an electric motor, an automatic change of six speeds and a set of batteries 1.56 kW. It is unknown the power end of the set, but it may be assumed that only the heat engine is capable of generating a power output of 105 HP. It is expected that, throughout its commercial life the Niro also has a hybrid version plug-in.

This is what is known at the moment. The Kia Niro should see the light in the first half of next year. The last few times we’ve seen rolling in its testing phase everything seemed to indicate that its development is well advanced, although of course there are still some details to finish, both from the mechanical as the design, now we already know how it will be.


Its launch will be global, and will be the first hybrid Kia in the market

The truth is that given the sketches official the design of the Niro, could we consider it very Kia. Ahead quite resembles his brother in the range, the Kia Sorento, while in the behind has a character of its own, but with clear elements of Korean design. Soon we will see the natural.