Kia Niro EV Concept, a prototype electric, with 400 Km of autonomy

The Kia Niro will have a version purely electric, which for the moment had its set of long as well as the conceptual work in the CES 2018 city of Las Vegas.

Lfter some initial images that would be invited to guess his silhouette, finally the signature south Korean presented in CES 2018 that takes place in Las Vegas to the version purely electric Kia Niro, which for the moment had its start long under the format of a prototype.

Kia Niro EV Concept anticipates the forms of the version 100 % electric the successful crossover that is currently offered in versions hybrid and hybrid plug-in. The Kia Niro EV will have a electric motor of 150 kW, which develops 200 HP of power and a few batteries lithium polymer battery of high capacity, which will give you an autonomy of about 400 km with a full load.

Outwardly there aren’t many surprises in terms of its design, although it adds some characteristics of electric vehicles with the purpose of to improve the aerodynamic resistance, in addition to some details that could anticipate the future design language of Kia.

according to the information provided by the manufacturer, version purely electrical Niro will include a system that will allow you to interact with the car through tactile controls, and gesture that will allow you to control the system of information and entertainment that would include connectivity, 5G. Through the controls gesture will be possible to alter the volume, skip between tracks and adjust the automatic climate control.

The endowment will also include various technologies driving assistance which are a new warning system to alert pedestrian APWS, which, thanks to the front face will be able to detect pedestrians and cyclists, alerting and automated systems for stop the motion of the vehicle or mitigate a possible collision.

The roadmap of Kia includes the introduction of 16 vehicles electrified by 2025, which include five new hybrid and plug-in hybrids, in addition to some vehicles, pure electric and even a cell electric hydrogen affordable, which will be launched in 2020.