KIA Optima GT Prototype: Europe Korea attacks its own performance based sedan

The new generation of KIA Optima and also performance based version. Under the label of KIA Optima GT the Korean company presents a proposal midsize sedan sporty approach and good levels of power, ready to position itself as Volkswagen Passat alternative to more powerful gasoline, 2.0 TSI 220 and 280 horses.

Conceptual yes, but too real to ignore it:

This Optima GT is presented as a conceptual model, but we will see as a production model in 2016.

This model reaches Frankfurt 2015 under the label prototype but at no time do not hide their intention to take it to the streets. In fact KIA has already confirmed this KIA Optima GT will be available in 2016 .

This alternative offers on the new KIA Optima in their “normal” versions of couple new sportier bumpers court looking in the rear bumper marked diffuser which further integrates a dual exhaust.

Inside also they mentioned from the mark itself appearing new details designed to enhance this sporty although so far no shows images of the image carrier.

In the figures KIA Optima has GT a length of 4,855 mm, a height of 1,465 mm, a width (without mirrors) 1,860 mm and wheelbase 2,805 mm. For its wheels uses a 18-inch wheels with 235/45 tires in action.

But what about your mechanics?

Under the hood, a powerful four-cylinder

There will be only 245 horsepower, will also have a suspension, brakes and a specific direction.

Mechanically KIA Optima GT boasts a block of four cylinders and two liters of displacement that, dubbed T-GDI , develops an output of 245 horses at 6,000 rpm, with its pair of 353 Nm and available early this being between about 1,350 and 4,000 rpm.

KIA and even dares performance and consumption figures, bumping with 0 to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds a top speed of 240 km / h and an average consumption of 8.2 l / 100 km . These figures may still vary since they are not measures under the guidelines of the European approval.

The chassis has also been tuned for the occasion, with fully present in your set-up European public.

KIA tells us that this new KIA Optima will GT a new electronically controlled suspension system able to adapt the hardness of each damper way independent. In addition it will also feature specific brakes and a new direction .

To learn more about the new KIA Optima …

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