Kia Optima GT, so is the production car more powerful brand

Kia Optima GTThe brand south Korean Kia has achieved some important changes in the perception of its models by customers in the last few years. This is being clearly reflected in their sales data, and it is that en Europe are making a generous advances level marketing. Not what they have achieved, by divine grace, but by marketing a few attractive vehicles in terms of design, with some materials quite improved, very competitive prices and a warranty of 7 years that gives a lot of confidence.

At the beginning of 2016 was launching the update to the Kia Optima, sedan segment D. A type of tourism that competes with the rest of similar models from brands to general practitioners, but that, if anything, you could criticize was his lack of range mechanics, because it was only available until now with a motorization diesel 1.7 CRDi 141 horses. That just changed, and is that the brand launches the Kia Optima GT, a version with a certain degree of sportiness in its aesthetics, and an engine 2.0 turbo petrol with no less than 245 horses.

Available in both sedan as well as in the body family Sportswagon (which was also launched just now), it has a front more aggressive thanks to generous air intakes in the corners of the bumper, a mouth, lower more marked and a grill “tiger- ” noise” chrome. The headlights also contribute to the design with the image of LED lighting.

Kia Optima GTIn the side stand out above all the stylistic wheels with diameter of 18 inches which housed, in this version, a few brake discs of increased size and claws of red color. Nor can we let go of the handles of the doors and the decoration of the bracket in chrome finish, as well as the side air vents.

For if you had any doubt that the Optima GT is something more than the standard version, the rear and marked diffuser along with a bold exhaust outlets oval, make us realize that we were not wrong and that we are looking at a version more prestacional and sports of the sedan in south korea.

interior keeps the lines of the Optimum conventional, but leaves little details that enhance the sporty aesthetic of the set. The charge of cover that work are the leather seats and forms sports in black or red, the entries GT, the upholstery black roof, aluminum inserts on the center console, aluminum pedals and a sports steering wheel crushed on the bottom and lined in leather with red stitching that also receives the logo GT.

Kia Optima GTThe Kia Optima GT used a new engine T-GDI 2 litre that eroga 245 horses at 6,000 rpm and develops 353 Nm of torque between 1,350 and 4,000 rpm. As we said, this engine is new, and to develop such power figures with variable timing CVVT, new injectors, fuel pump of high pressure and, as not, supercharging by turbo. In the data type approval recorded 8.2 l/100 km on average, and may accelerate from 0 to 100 in 7,4 seconds and run at a maximum speed of 240 km/h. To highlight your recovery time from 60 to 100 km/h in only 3.7 seconds. The transmission handles a automatic gearbox 6 relationships.

To the tuning of the chassis, as Kia claims to have shot with mules testing around the continent, and in all kinds of conditions, in addition to having given more than 500 laps of the old circuit German Nürburgring. They say from the brand that have made a setup with a good balance between high sportiness and comfort, reducing the free height in 1 cm in the front and stiffening the suspension. In addition it has variable suspension electronically, which varies the response of the suspension of each wheel according to conditions.

, But are of little use to run a lot if we can not stop the car when you get to the curve, so the Optimal GT has oversized brake system discs 330 mm front and 314 mm rear (30 mm on each axis), being ventilated on both axes. On the other hand, have developed a system of artificial sound, which increases the engine sound in the passenger compartment and that is activated depending on the driving mode selected, which gives more sense of sportiness to the driver.

There are also systems of connectivity, infotainment and driving aids Kia Optima “conventional”, also receiving the Android Auto and Apple CarPlayl in addition of Kia’s Connected Services, notice of real-time traffic, forecasts of weather and a long etc., The computer sound comes from the hand of the specialist Harman Kardon, with 590 watts and 10 speakers in the bodywork sedan and 490 W and 8 speakers in the SportsWagon.

Kia Optima GT

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