KIA Optima PHEV 2016: 6 key on the sedan, hybrid, plug-in KIA

a year Ago, KIA introduced us to the new generation of the KIA Optima, KIA Optima 2016 that came with solid arguments in your renewal, one of them to offer us an attractive range of variants where in addition to having room for a family version, the KIA Optima Sportwagon, we topábamos with a sport variant and a hybrid version plug-in, KIA Optima PHEVS:

1.- Your engine:

The KIA Optima plug-in hybrid has a mechanical petrol and 2 litres of cubicaje, supercharged and with 154 horsepower, which is connected to a electric block of 50 KW, 67 horses. Their batteries are lithium-ion battery and uses a gearbox 6-speed automatic for its transmission.

Together this KIA Optima has 202 horsepower and a torque of 375 Nm.

2.- How much do you consume?How much is able to travel in all-electric mode?

The KIA Optima PHEVS have autonomy in electric mode of something more than 50 kilometers homologando a consumption average of 1.6 l/100 km, Obviously this consumption is the result of a cycle of the approval, favourable to this kind of mechanical, so we’ll have to wait to try it in order to issue such a judgment in real world circumstances.

3.- Do you have some specific detail in your design?

Yes. The bumpers and sideskirts side are specific, conditioned by the search for better aerodynamics (with a drag coefficient of 0.25). In addition, the front grille is now active (closed when the motor does not need cooling), and you’ll find a thin blue stripe in this grill.


4.- Are there changes in making his point?

The extra weight of the set conditions, obviously, your tune involving a review of the suspensions and brakes of larger size. In addition the direction is also different.

5.- Very equipped

we Still have to wait to get to know all details about their marketing in Spain but in the Uk, where making the sale is just announced, comes equipped with a wide range of series. In the market neighbor has only one level of equipment and not missing an 8-inch touch screen, a sound system Harman/Kardon, wireless charger for smartphone, TomTom navigation device with real-time traffic information and speed camera, 17-inch wheels, seats finished in leather, parking sensors, rear camera, climate control, cruise control…

6.- How much does it cost?

as mentioned in the previous point we don’t know their price for our market. In the United Kingdom has a price, without aid, 33.995 pounds, change a few 39.800 euros.