Kia Optima Sportwagon in 2016, we will soon reach the most familiar version

The 2016 is intense for Kia. The hyundai brand is now in the final phase of the development of two models that soon will land in the european market. One of them is the Kia Niro 2016, a MPV with disabled hybrid and the other is the Kia Optima Sportwagon 2016 that we have once again been caught in its testing phase.


The body work seems complete, despite being covered with many tarps

The Kia Optima 2016 has already been presented. A renewal of aesthetics and technology that will stand as one of the alternatives more family in the segment of sedans generalists. it Is assumed that the drive Sportwagon will have the same design, although will be able to improve all the dimensions of livability.

despite the high content of camouflage that takes the unit intercepted, very similar to the last time we saw it, hinted that the design work is already completed. Under these tarps is hidden in the same style that we already see in the vehicle are conventional, although with the required design changes, own of a version ranchera.

does Not appear to be a change of considerable size, in fact the external measurements remain the same, but not so the interior. The Optima Sportwagon will be able to show a greater interior space, especially in the area of cargo, where it is expected to raise the size of the load in about 100 liters, approximately.

Where there will not be changes in the strengths of the new generation of the Kia Optima. That is to say, materials higher quality, as well as more technology and refinement. A strong commitment on the part of Kia, which shortly should be submitted in the official form, although its arrival to the market it would not be until mid next year.


By the time you are unaware of the mechanics that will drive the berlina Korean

With the arrival of the Optima Sportwagon, Kia wants to fight in a segment very competitive. Among his future opponents find the Volkswagen Passat Variant, the reference of the sector, in addition to the Ford Mondeo Sportbreak, the Hyundai i40 Estate and the Opel Insgnia Sports Tourer, among many others. We will soon see if the Korean will have weapons sufficient enough to achieve to dethrone one of its major rivals.