Kia Pesquería (Nuevo León) has already manufactured 100,000 of cars

Kia Pesquería (Nuevo León)

Mexico is one of the countries that the greater number of car manufacturers is attracting to establish a factory in any of their states. During the summer – fall of 2014 I had the opportunity to live in Monterey (Nuevo León state) for several months and taking advantage of that worked on Televisa, I learned by your news team that the car manufacturer from south korea Kia wanted to settle in the country with its first assembly plant.

Swift and swift I got to work to know the plans of the firm and I even got to have a brief contact with representatives of the firm in the country. The idea of the signature was to create a plant to assemble locally the models most in demand have in the country as well as in the united States. In those moments the presence of Kia in Mexico was lower than it is today, but already was being born, the seed that years ago had been planted.

Kia Forte Pesquería (Nuevo León)

The chosen place to establish this factory was the town of Fishery, a few miles from Monterey and very close to the factories of other brands like Toyota or Chrysler. However the news no comes by the opening of this assembly plant in a region of the globe of which I have very fond memories, but for the record we have achieved in only seven months of work.

The plant began its activity on may 16 of this year, and in only seven months have been able to manufacture 100,000 units. A Kia Forte finish GLS and color Silky Silver with destination to the united States has been the one who has achieved such a meritorious title. By now it is the only model being produced in the plant even though the brand has already announced that the next year the urban River will in order to increase their productive capacity and provide more employment to the region.

To end it is to be mentioned that Kia Fishery has provided a stability and wealth to the region that is not known in many years. Have helped to improve three schools of the town and provide them with rooms of readings. In addition, they have given up to 11 drives of the Kia Forte for to collaborate on social causes as Love is Born of Sight, IIDEA, Sponsors of Nuevo León for the Benefit of the Casa Hogar Ortigosa and the Stay Geriatric Experience of Love, among others.

Congratulations Kia Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!

Source – Kia Motors Mexico