Kia Picanto 2017: filtering the full, thanks to new spy photos


Your new image closer to the rest of the range.

Just a few days after it was revealed the first sketches of the new KIA Picanto 2017, we have already been able to see it in the metal, thanks to these photos leaked, courtesy of our colleagues from indianautosblog, which we show to the living the new utility of the hyundai brand.

This series of spy pictures reveal in detail the changes that will receive the utility Korean, which for your model 2017 debuts a front and a behind very redesigned. This will be the third generation of the Kia Picanto, which will receive the name Kia Morning in its market, native, South Korea.

On the front we find the grille usual of the brand, called sharknose, and next to it is a optical front new, more sharp and steep. The front bumper offers a lot of presence, with a large and aggressive grille in the shape of a trapezoid, and the air inlets in its side.


Back more clean and technical.

it Is curious the use of fluorescent colors in some details, as on the sills on the side, or framing the air intakes front. Detail that we have already seen in the previous sketches, but which we do not think that they were applied to the production vehicle.

the rest of The model also shows a clear redesign, from the arches of the wheels, now more gouges, and finishes so flat, up to waist line, has been raised a few centimeters.

In the interior of the Picanto 2017 we will find a completely redesigned interior, and although we have no pictures of the interior, the sketch prior we draw interior a very modern and technical, with a large screen floating over the center console, which appears very clear and with few controls. We find insertions of metallic appearance and details again in the same fluorescent color used in the exterior.


it is Only a sketch, but anticipate a nice cabin.

The range of engines of the new KIA Picanto 2017 will be composed by
blocks three and four-cylinder 1.0 and 1.25 litres in the front, and
will have option of automatic transmission optional.