KIA Picanto 2017, hunted for the first time with your new look


the smallest of The KIA to debut headlamps with running lights integrated LED

The new KIA Picanto arrives for the first time to our section on spy photos. The new generation of the subcompact Korean is captured by our photographers with what seems to a unit fairly advanced in its development. Under its thick camouflage typical of Hyundai Group it seems that it hides the little Picanto almost complete what that suggested to us that it will be presented before what we believe.

KIA added LED technology to the Picanto

In spite of the robes that hide, it is sensed that will a completely new design followed by the tuning of the latest models KIA. The grill’s primary style of “Tiger Nose” will continue to be the hallmark of the sister brand of Hyundai, and highlight more dynamic forms on the windows in the rear.

Some details are delatados in these images as the light daytime running LED integrated in the front headlamps and the LED lighting of the optics later. Nor to deny that in versions higher equip lights antinieblas LED design appeal as do the versions > of the C’eed and the Optima.


In your cabin you will find a substantial increase of the perceived quality of their materials and settings, an improved envelope of technology that will include new capabilities connectivity -a fundamental element in these urban vehicles targeted mostly towards young people – and in its supply of engines we will have mechanical more efficient.

it Is expected that the new vehicle’s city KIA is present during the second half of 2016 to arrive at the dealers, model 2017.