KIA Rio 2017, first advance: these sketches we are a bit ahead of the “Volkswagen Polo” KIA

KIA will reveal a new generation of the KIA Rio in the next Paris, at the end of September. No, it is not any rumour, the brand itself has been in charge of warn us and if that was not enough leaves us with the first three sketches that give us a pretty clear idea of the appearance of the rival to the Volkswagen Polo, SEAT Ibiza, Renault Clio and company of KIA.

The car has been designed between the design centers of the brand in Germany and California, collaborating with the study center of Korea.

Of the hand of the sketches published by the brand guess is strokes straighter, a collapse of the roof apparently less pronounced, less in wedge as well as a significant evolution in the “features of family”, in the joint front, their optical, the tailgate and…

change your interior seems even more remarkable, highlighting the design of more elaborate front, less austere, more care. It also seems to reduce significantly the number of buttons.

As shown from the brand the car will have a greater distance between axles, we can assume that will result in a greater habitable interior. In addition, point to a the great vocation of “practice”, good connectivity options and security enhancements.

By now it is an open question whether the range engines that will offer, but we are only a month of discovering it.


Will begin manufacture to the end of the year, we’ll see you on the streets next year: