Kia Rio 2017 hunted in a test session winter

As is usual, given the dates in which we are, the countries of northern Europe are receiving the visit of the development teams for all brands. On this occasion we have discovered the Kia Rio 2017. A restyling that is already on the way, not quite a year that Kia brought out an evolution of this.


Slight changes will accompany the renewal of the Kia Rio

a couple of weeks Ago we already had the occasion to see him. On that occasion he was intercepted in the plant development of Kia in Germany. We assume that that mule testing was starting on the journey towards colder climates, as we can see in the images now. In both cases, the unit has been hunted with plenty of camouflage.

despite this, they find significant changes in the design of the Kia Rio. You need to look in the windows. The small triangle of the A-pillar that holds the rear view mirror changes, like windows front seem to be bigger than current. This makes us think that the Rio will grow slightly in size, although it is early to secure it.

This growth would be on the inside, that would not affect the external dimensions of the car. Is sought, therefore, a greater space for the occupants of the rear seats, thus improving the habitability of this small specially designed to function like a fish in water in urban environments.

The Kia Rio is a lot for a little, a philosophy which will be extended to the restyling. Not only expected a change of design and livability, but also will be accompanied by consequent improvement of technological and mechanical. On this last point, do not expect big revolutions, but that they will make the engines more efficient, with a consumption about lower emissions.


For the moment, the heavy camouflage prevents us from seeing more details

We are facing one of the first phases of the development of the Kia Rio 2017. is Not expected to be released to the market until mid next year, although it is likely to be presented at the end of this or early next. In the meantime Kia will continue to work in parallel with the development of other models, like the Kia Optima Sportwagon 2017 and the Kia Soul 2017. In both cases have already been discovered in testing phase.