KIA Rio GT, what we will see coming soon?: the Korean that I wanted to stand up to the Ford Fiesta ST

While we wait for Hyundai to introduce us to the first model developed by Hyundai N, the division of sports brand, there are new rumors about a new model sports KIA, a small GTI, a KIA Rio GT, ready to take on the Renault Clio RS, Ford Fiesta ST, Peugeot 208 GTI and company.

throughout 2016 we will get to know the KIA Optima GT:

According to Coach, this KIA Rio GT will arrive in 2018 and based on the next generation of the subcompact from KIA.

Coach is responsible for notifying us of the arrival of this new “anti Fiesta ST”, a power KIA Rio that comes as a result of the intentions of KIA to grow its product line GT, a line that is currently only supported by the KIA Pro_cee’d GT and that will grow soon with a KIA Optima GT of production.

according To the above-mentioned british this new KIA Rio GT will arrive in 2018 and will be developed under the baton of Albert Biermann, who previously served as responsible of BMW M.

To give sight to this little GTI Korean KIA will wait for the new generation of the KIA Rio, hypothetically scheduled for 2017, taking advantage of this new and improved platform to influence in a dynamic more enjoyable.

Next to this new platform, we would be faced with a propellant gas 1.6 liters and 180 hp, of course accompanied by an improvement of its part-cycle, new suspension, new brakes… as well as an aesthetic more sporty, with new bumpers, sideskirts, spoiler…