Kia Sorento Pacwest Adventure, brutality for the SUV Korean

Kia Sorento SEMA ShowIn its first generation Kia Sorento was a authentic off-road chassis side rails and rungs and all-wheel drive with low range, like the Kia Sportage in your time. The second generation and the recently launched third have gradually evolved towards a philosophy of the SUV, more in line with the trends prevailing in the market and provide greater success to the Kia Sorento. However, in any way, Kia has wanted to restore the spirit of off-road.

In the header image we are seeing the Kia Sorento Pacwest Adventure, one of the prototypes that the koreans will present in the next SEMA Show Las Vegas. While other manufacturers give out teasers or models, Kia will have worked less, but at the same time show us a picture of your SUV brutalized in that we can see the main details of this preparation.

Kia Sorento

The change with respect to the Kia Sorento series is absolute

Kia has not released details of this Kia Sorento Pacwest Adventure, but with the released image we can make ourselves to the idea that it will be a real machine of off-road. Beyond other modifications that may be hidden under the bodywork, we found a suspension raised considerably, and some off-road tires of large dimensions. The front bumper has been removed to incorporate a reinforcement with bars and plates, which in turn allows improve considerably the angle of attack.

No situation you should resist this Sorento Pacwest Adventure, you will not have problems to ford rivers thanks to the snorkel and by the night will not have problems of visibility, to be equipped with two bars LED and four foci also LED more small, in addition to the own lighting of the car. Other details that can be seen are a roof rack, a winch and inside the upholstery, specific color green. Kia unveil all the details of this prototype, once the SEMA Show opens its doors.

Source – Kia

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Kia Sorento

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