Kia Soul 2019: the brand is already working on the next generation of its urban crossover

The second generation of the Kia Soul arrived at dealerships back in the year 2014, and
recently, just weeks ago, has been presented in society
first facelift (face wash) that, in addition to introducing some new features
at image level, it has been added to the range the engine 1.6-liter T-GDi four
cylinders, direct injection and turbo that throws a 204 HP.

Kia Soul 2019 - foto espía

The new generation of the Kia Soul is already on its way.

But, although the Kia Soul has been updated recently, the south Korean manufacturer is already working on their new generation (the third). And proof of that are these spy pictures here. In images, we can see one of the first mules of evidence that they are using the engineers of Kia to work in the new Kia Soul 2019. Yes, there are still a few years to view the article in the market, although this is not a reason to put hands to the work and work already in the new model.

by Analyzing these first spy photos of the Kia Soul 2019, we can see that in the mule testing has the bottom of the chassis to the view. In addition, it is observed that the engineers are already testing some of the materials that will be used in the future model. Another detail curious is the small “seam” in the front wings. It should be noted that the unit photographed is conducted by technicians of the supplier of the Continental system, which leaves the door open to possible evidence of advanced systems security and some of the driving aids debut the next generation.

driving systems ADAS that you will find in the next Kia Soul are developed by Hyundai. And among them, we find, among others, the control of driving on the motorway, advanced (HDA), which will work in combination with the lane keeping system (LGS), cruise control, intelligent and an improved system of assistance in jams that will control the braking, acceleration and direction without the driver having to intervene in it. Able to operate at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Kia Soul 2019 - foto espía

Mule test of the Kia Soul 2019.

The new urban crossover from Kia will be more lightweight, efficient, and secure than the current model. Also expected to increase slightly its dimensions. To grow a few inches, the rear area of the cabin will offer more space for passengers, while the trunk will increase your load capacity.

range of engines will be renewed with new options, and although it is too soon to aventurarlo, we can count on the fact that the Kia Soul EV (a variant on pure electric) will still be available, as it is one of the electric vehicles sold in Europe.

¿When we will see it in dealers? The new generation of the Kia Soul will be ready to reach dealers at the end of this decade. Although it is still too early to give a specific date, we anticipate that it will be available sometime in the year 2019. We will continue working to be able to return to photograph the new Soul.

Kia Soul 2019 - foto espía posterior

The new generation will be something bigger and will come loaded with new technology.