Kia Stinger Coupe, imagining a version even more sporty

What a pleasant surprise he has left us this year at the Detroit motor show the brand south Korean Kia. And is that the Stinger, their new sports saloon, was proclaimed as the model most powerful production created by the company asian. Of first impact, thanks to a radical aesthetics and a slender line that gets so into the fight in the segment of sedans sports. Setup is a five-door, without having confirmation that they can come to be other bodies. But… what if you have more versions? What if it were a Kia Stinger Coupe?

of course, as we say, there is no confirmation that this model can reach to land, although with this render X-Tomi Design has published on its website, we can begin to imagine how it would is hypothetical variant. As you can see, we have done away with the rear doors to leave a body of pure coupe, with only two accesses to the cabin, and a profile more clean.

Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger

The line would be exactly the same, only that we would find a car more sporty but less practical. The rows in the rear stay committed by a access more complicated, and a space perhaps more limited by the transformation to coupe. The rest of it, both the front row as the trunk, would continue with the same dimensions, leaving a car of three doors, but with good solutions.

In terms of the engine, we imagine that the king of the range would be V6 3.3-liter 370-horsepower, which assembles the Kia Stinger. The range would also be a 2.0-liter turbo with about 255 horsepower. For Europe, as will happen with the sedan, would be available a diesel mechanical.