KIA Stinger: the new sedan was dancing on the snow video


New Stinger KIA:

Coinciding with its official presentation in Europe, which took place this week at the Geneva motor show, the Korean company has unveiled a new promotional video of the KIA Stinger, the new sports sedan that is a model standard of the range.

This was presented for the first time last January, during the Detroit motor show, as the sedan rear-wheel drive will be marketed to both sides of the Atlantic. Your date for the moment is not confirmed for all markets but is expected to before the end of this year, 2017.

In this new video we can see how it evolves in the snow, so that the aesthetic result is spectacular, although it is quite patent that many of these images have been taken for promotional purposes and that do not correspond to the complete test of the winter to use. Since the vehicle appears in many shots without any camouflage whatsoever, and is already close to passing to production. In fact, your first filtration must be to a photo of the first pre-production units, taken in the own factory.


rear-wheel drive or total.

The new Kia Stinger is developed on a rack made mostly of high-strength steels, and has front suspension of type McPherson, and a complex rear axle multi-link. The range mechanics will be compounded in Europe for mechanical supercharged, installed longitudinally.

In the base we find a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter that delivers 259 HP and 353 Nm of torque, on this we can already find the V6 3.3-liter and twin-turbo Stinger GT, with 370 HP and 510 Nm. Exclusively for Europe we find a diesel engine, 2.2 CRDI 200 HP and 440 Nm.

The differences in aesthetic between the different versions mechanical will be very visible, since the diesel
is the only one that uses 17-inch wheels, instead of the 18 or
19-inch mounted variants higher range, both of