Kia will have your vehicle driving as an autonomous 2020

Kia mapped out a five year plan that contemplates driving autonomous partial vehicles to hydrogen, electric, and an improvement in the energy efficiency in the order of 25% with respect to the values of 2014.

Kia-Soul-AutonomoKai has announced that from the year 2020 will offer vehicles with technology that will allow the driving ‘partially autonomous’, in advance of the introduction of a range of cars fully autonomous that there will come a decade later.

With that purpose the signature south Korean has announced a large investment for the development of the necessary technology for driving without a driver and the start of a joint work with its suppliers to create such technology.

systems will have the use of a series of sensors, lasers, cameras and radars and by 2020 the system to which they denominated Highway Driving Assist (HDA) will allow the driving autonomously on motorways, keeping a safety distance, in compliance with the speed limit and even sending overtaking with safety to other vehicles. At the same time have a system called Traffic Jam Assist, which will to maintain the lane and help maintain a safe space in traffic jams.

Another of the technologies that Kia is developing for before 2020 is a system of automatic parking by remote control, that in a near future will allow vehicles to park themselves. The technology will use smart phones and will allow even more vehicles to park in tight spaces in which it would be impossible to open the doors of the car.

Kia has a five year plan that not only provided for the driving of autonomous, but also improvements in the energy efficiency in the order of 25%, with a greater number of hydrogen vehicles and pure electric, in addition to the replacement of the current engines of the current range by other more efficient and less polluting. In the year 2020 will benefit from a new vehicle hydrogen fuel cell in the global scope, which will allow an autonomy of around 800 kilometers and a maximum speed of around 170 km/h.