Kia will introduce in the range Stonic a version micro hybrid 2019

barely three days Kia Spain announced the pricing of its upcoming B-SUV, the Stonic. We already know his range mechanical and listing of equipment that will have the model for our market, but we were unaware that in 2019 would receive a version micro-hybrid. The engines with which will model the south Korean are well-structured, with two versions of petrol with outputs of 84 and 120 hp and other diesel with 110 hp.

The firm, taking advantage of the announcement, confirmed that, in the future they could expand, in function of the host model, with new options. The logical thing to do, and knowing the behavior of the current market, is that to play a variant on the diesel more powerful, or even a gasoline with a touch more spicy (to give life to a GT version Line). However, they have decided that the Stonic receive a version semi-hybrid Mild-Hybrid to reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

The Hyundai Group (where Kia is integrated) is very interested that several of its models will be hybrid, hybrid-electric or pure electric, and the Stonic seems to enter in these plans. As an example is the Hyundai Kona, as it will feature a variant 100-by-100 electric in a matter of a couple of years. However, the Stonic will not take this path, but will use a propulsion system semi hybrid.

As has been communicated by the brand, this system semi hybrid would help the Stonic in the phases of acceleration, so that it would not be a hybrid to use as the Toyota or the Niro of Kia. As the best known example of this type of technology we have the latest models launched by Suzuki which commercially is referred to as SHV.

The reasons why employing this hybrid technology “more smooth” are two. The first because the Stonic is developed on the platform of the urban River (the Hyundai Kona is on the i30), and therefore there is not enough space to accommodate in its inside the battery pack need to be a hybrid traditional. The second reason is based on the costs that must be assumed to hybridize the model and which by its positioning and price are not readily returnable benefits.

The mechanics that you receive this system of hybridization has not yet been confirmed. There will be that wait for the mark to make statements in this respect, to know their future plans.

Source – Kia

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