Killed two people in an accident at the Nürburgring

Nürburgring AccidenteNürburgring is back in the news and not because of any record of time. At the end of last week, at the popular circuit German, there was a accident which ended with two fatalities. in Addition, three more people were injured, some seriously, including commissioners, who were helping the wounded. This track, available for anyone to unleash their passion for speed, re-enters the discussion for your safety.

The facts occurred this weekend. It seems, in one of the sections of the “green hell” there was an accident without any major complications. The track was not the best conditions due to the rain, which caused the grip level is not the desired. Despite the fact that the yellow flags indicating that there had been an impact, the driver of a Honda Civic 1990 was not aware of this notice and entered in the above-mentioned stretch too fast.

NurburgringThe consequences were fatal. The driver of the Honda Civic lost control of his car and collided with laterally against the assists. As A result of the impact of the two occupants of the japanese car died on the spot while two commissioners were injured. There was a third wounded that in these times is out of danger, although it is not yet known if this person belongs to support services or was watching the scene.

One of the two commissioners is hospitalized in critical condition. The life of the second is not in danger. Not yet has come to us official data that clarify the causes of the accident, so that by the time the only thing that will sustain are open to conjecture.