Kimi Räikkönen leave your future in the hands of Ferrari


The finn returned to Scuderia Ferrari in 2014, after spending two years in the team Lotus Renault after his return from the world of the rallies, and since then continues to demonstrate his temperament relaxed, sometimes carefree, which both characterizes him.

In that same year, Fernando Alonso won 161 points throughout the season, for the 55 Kimi Räikkönen relegated until the twelfth place. Mercedes was the great master, beyond the barrier of 300 points, with each of its two drivers, Hamilton and Rosberg, but #7 showed that he was still lacking pace. The following year, Sebastian Vettel was on the point of bending its points, something which it found that Kimi still was not at all comfortable. However, last season everything was more even, and the difference in performance was seen between the four-time champion with Red Bull, and he was something normal, not as pronounced as it may seem in the beginning.

it All depends on them

The riders come sometimes moments, the good results seem impossible and everything is twisted. However, the Ferrari is not just to convince Marchionne, who said that “Kimi has to show more commitment to the project. There are days that it looks like something left behind. His future at the team the Italian has been questioned more than once, with criticism similar to this, although performances spot as pole got in the Monaco Grand Prix make the scales balance.

“it All depends on them; whatever they decide, it’s your choice”, says Räikkönen on what is to come. “I don’t know, we’ll see… you’d have to talk to the team and ask them, but in my opinion it is a normal situation, as he was last year. Clear that I am not too happy with our results, taking into account the racing to date, but we can’t change it”.

The champion of 2007 ensures that “the team knows what I want”, in a season in which, for the moment, his team-mate struggle for the world hand-in-hand with the british of of Brackley, and he settles down in a fifth position behind Daniel Ricciardo that does not do justice to the performance of the SF70H. “My only goal is to do well, that is the only reason why I’m here. It is never fun when the situation is not going well, but the way things are sometimes. I’m sure the results will come”.


Perez is shaping up to be the natural replacement of Räikkönen in the short term.

A seat highly coveted

With a ‘silly season’ more active than ever, there are several drivers that have been sounded for as his substitute, in the event that Räikkönen was finally leaving Ferrari. One of these candidates that have sounded with force is Sergio Perez; the mexican went through the academy Scuderia a few years ago, although at the moment militates in the Force India, making a season quite admirable.

Czech has admitted that the month of July, in which it played three of the twenty races of the championship, focus on getting good results because that is the critical part of the season, but also “I have thought a lot in my future”. “All I know is that I still don’t have contract for next year, but there will come a time where you need to see what is available for me”.

I Still don’t have contract for next year

After his time at McLaren in a situation that has not helped to develop a good campaign, Perez returned to work by the side of Vijay Mallya, harvesting points, and raising the level of the team, today, occupies the fourth place in the constructors ‘ championship with quite a lot of solvency. “I Think that has been a good year so far. The difference with the top teams is too big, but we are in the fight of the half of the table consistently, without superarles, but we are very close to”.

The time will end up ruling the seat from which you will be able to play the season 2018, as well as the options that will be the pilot of Guadalajara 27 years of fighting for victories, moving Maranello, or a podium in the year in a team as they are now.