Knight Rider Heroes, becomes The “knight rider” and David Hasselhoff

it Is assumed that the Foundation for the law and order, the organization for which you worked Michael Knight, it was outlawed in 1986 by the Government of the united States. So begins the excuse to revive the series, the return to the life of the organization.

A new agent seems to take the witness, after a time to the shadow of the law. The trailer for the truth, not a lot, but we see the same Pontiac Firebird TransAm that was used in the first series, and at the very David Hasselhoff (now called Hoff, dry).

– ┬┐Are you ready for this?
– More than ever

That is all of the dialogue that we’re going to see, but enough to get us to the idea. The 80s are back in vogue, one need only see what has happened with other productions that took up ideas from then and the update. Or “remake”, if we want to be more fine.

we do not Know if it will be a tv series, a movie, or a short. The name is “Knight Rider Heroes”, the creator is Christopher Rutkowski, associated with many productions of cartoon and animation of the last 30 years.