Knight Rider Heroes, KITT and David Hasselhoff returned to the old ways

Knight Rider HeroesThe Fantastic Car (Knight Rider) is a tv series that was released in 1982 and ended in 1986, although on our screens lasted much longer thanks to the reruns. Despite its 33 years old, Fantastic Car remains an icon, a legendary series that took him to stardom David Hasselhoff and popularized thanks to KITT at a car that would have otherwise passed over unnoticed, the Pontiac Firebird Trans AM.

After the original series, there were two sequels in the form of a film, one of them quite unrelated to the original plot, as well as a sequel to the series itself premiered at the year 2008, starring Justin Bruening. Now The Fantastic Car returns to its old ways, in any way, KITT and David Hasselhoff. The first advance by way of a teaser ahead of what looks like some kind of continuation of the original series under the name of Knight Rider Heroes.


In the trailer for Knight Rider Heroes we can see a text that explains the origins of The Foundation for Law and Order, created in 1982 to fight the criminals who are above the law and dismantled in 1986 by the pressures of the government of the united States. Surmise that the Foundation has been working in the background and somewhere along the way, now back with a David Hasselhoff come to less, and the KITT original, that it is now more than 30 years ahead of some of the technologies that today are present in the cars, with the added bonus of having its own personality.

Source – Knifht Rider Heroes