Knight Rider Heroes: you again KITT and David Hasselhoff to our screens! [trailer]

The video, which you can see after the jump would be the first advancement of “Knight Rider Heroes”. What is “Knight Rider Heroes”? What is certain is that no one yet knows for sure. The scarcity of official information is maximum, but everything seems to point to a new movie, or maybe a new tv series. What is clear is that both Michael Knight original – the great David Hasselhoff – as the Knight Industries Two Thousand – KITT, in its original form – they will be more than present. It become the 80’s!

it is Not clear, it could be a movie, a series, episodes, web, marketing campaign…

In the video you can see after these lines reference is made to the original plot of “The Fantastic Car”. Shortly after that go away the letters, it appears David Hasselhoff, with his leather jacket and his iconic sunglasses. Below is KITT, rolling through the desert in a classic nod to the opening scene of the series ochentera. Is the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am always, with his legendary look darkened and a few red lights on its front, moving from side to side. The emotion is maximum at this time.

thereupon, Michael Knight question to a third party if he “is prepared to do this” to which I respond “more than ever”. Whatever it is, have called our attention very quickly. Could it be a movie? Possibly, although for some reason I tend to tilt by a film in the format of chapters, issued by the Internet. A clear homage to the original series. It is possible to subscribe on this link to be the first to hear of upcoming film trailers and more information about this project.

What do you think of the return of “The Hoff” and KITT?

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