Know the ingredients of the Gymkhana 8 Ken Block


The next day, on the 29th of February, that being leap-year, is marked in red on the calendar of many. One of the that has reserved this day to do something special is an old friend of this website. Ken Block presented his Gymkhana EIGHT the next 29th of February, although before that time the ‘showman’ american ‘ want to reveal the ingredients that will be part of the eighth edition of this particular discipline. Well it is true that on paper it seems that we will be left without the benefit of particular of his splendid Ford Escort Mk.II, but in exchange we have a vehicle very attractive.

The Ford Fiesta ST RX43 will be the vehicle protagonist of the Gymkhana EIGHT of Ken Block. This model is a trainer for M-Sport and is powered by an engine 2.0 Turbo 650 horse power. The american pilot has coated this engine block for a body very much in his style, with the peculiarity to equip a reflective paint that as shine the light on the vehicle changes color. In this way, the Ford Fiesta ST RX43 can be presented in tones of black or gray or be full of details and stars in colors of red and orange.

The next blockbuster hollywood Ken Block will be very far from this scenario. Few places in the world seem to be better to wear this type of painting to Dubai, the mecca of luxury, but also a place of excesses in which the automobile is concerned. In this aspect and tenor of the poster who has submitted Block, it seems that the u.s. will take advantage of the local resources and it seems that the Gymkhana EIGHT will have as co-workers brand new vehicles of the police of Dubai, including a McLaren 650s, a Ford Mustang or a Maserati GranTurismo, among others.