Knowing the Lexus LC 500: seduced by the design and the good details of the new coupe from Lexus

Yesterday I had an appointment with Lexus. A quote that led me to come face to face with the new Lexus LC, with a Lexus LC 500. I recognize that I really wanted to meet this model, why? Well, it’s a coupe with a good design and a V8 under the hood. This a priori would be already enough reasons to go to the appointment with a smile on the face, but there is more and that is this coupe, this great GT debuts a new design language in your car and, after criticizing the interior of the last Lexus that I’ve tried (by design, not by grades or settings) I wanted to already make peace with the japanese brand.

in Front of the Lexus LFA, the japanese brand you want your new banner to be a gran turismo, luxurious, sporty and with a different touch, techie:

20:00, a farm at some point which I am still trying to determine between Majadahonda and Boadilla. Lexus has mounted a large stage that still remains empty. The rain forgives us, and we enjoyed a cocktail while we wait for Lexus disclose to us the reason of this call, although obviously it is easy to imagine that the new Lexus LC is the excuse of this meeting.

My partner David V. already had a first technical approach to the Lexus LC 500h 2017, we revealed their secrets and told us on 14 keys everything about the Lexus Multi-Stage Hybrid, the hybrid with a V6 for half that mounts the hybrid version of 359 horses the Lexus LC, what am I going to have then? Today the protagonist is the version not hybrid, the Lexus LC 500, with the V8 maximum power of 477 horses, which assembles also the Lexus RC F and the Lexus GS F and we have also come to speak more of design than of technical specifications.

The staff of Lexus invites us to sit down. Dim the lights and starts an epic presentation in which sound and music play a big role, pass before our eyes and to the delight of our ears, Prince, Bowie, Michael Jackson, the Beach Boys and the Doors. Sounds like THE Woman’s, Lexus speaks of visionaries, images of Steve Jobs, Michael Schumacher… and the Lexus LC 500 bursts on the scene to blow V8.

The Lexus LC launches platform, the platform more rigid market pointing from the brand, and will sell, as I have pointed out above, with two engines, a LC 500h hybrid of 359 horses and the LK 500 of 477 horses. Let us remember that the Lexus LC 500 is presented at the beginning of the year, on the occasion of the Salon de Detroit, while the Lexus LC 500h will be presented in the Geneva, making its debut under the spotlight in march, and keep in mind also that, beyond the new stylistic and other technical developments, as their platform, there is a new automatic transmission that, although it is still of torque converter, arrives with the promise of being really effective, fast, in terms of sports and more efficient in the day-to-day.

I’m already itching to see how the unfolding of the LC with this new platform, with this new change.

Yesterday I was with @lexusspain knowing the new LC 500 and has convinced me that I have seen and I have fumbling. Good details and materials, a V8 under the hood and a striking line that also comes accompanied by an evolution of the cabin which was already necessary. I’ve loved Lexus. #lexus #lexusLC #lk #500 #lc500 #premiere #car #cars #sport #sportscar #jdm #design #lfa #lexusVisionaryExperience

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In the future of this Lexus LC can be glimpsed rivals like the Maserati Gran turismo, the BMW i8 or Mercedes SL:

Between the smoke and the flashes of the bulbs looks to the front of the Lexus LC. The front of the stage fills up quickly of people looking for an angle from which to photograph the new coupe from Lexus, tweets discretion. I take this opportunity to chop something for dinner while I wait for the stage is empty and can toquetear to taste the car. Unfortunately I am already seeing from afar that the lighting will not be precisely my partner to take a photo.

The night progresses, first farewells of companions, and beyond that I will. The scenario with the Lexus LC 500 just for me.

I like and a lot of the side view of this coupe. Is elegant, is sporting and has a lot of personality. This pillar later, the shapes of their wheel arches in the rear, the snout sharp, the gills bottom of your side… From afar, from the end of one of the sides of the stage, it is easy to see the Lexus LFA, although as you may have imagined, it has opted for a different concept of car with this model. Yes, it is the roof of the brand, the icon and the charge to make us dream, to sell packages F Sport, giving even more weight to the identity of the brand, but it is not a supercar like the LFA, is now a major tourism, luxurious, sporty and, above all, with the added attraction of being different, of being something techie, that shot he so well plays the BMW i8.

Lexus_Lc_500_presentacion_DM_2Lexus_Lc_500_presentacion_DM_1In behind the spoiler retractable elevation and above all spectacular lenses that will hardly pass unnoticed in the streets. At times I am liking it even more this model, the design work is exceptional, very personal, very Lexus, and it is easy to see the linkages of this model, in terms of design, with all such conceptual exercises that makes the mark, with those design contests.

Wow. Wheels of 21 inches. They tell Me that in function of the version will be 20 or 21 inches. Arises the rank of easy “to where we’re going to get” with the size of the tires, we talk about the 20 inches of the Renault Scénic.

This is the key of the new Lexus LC, how nice the design really? #lexus #lexusLC #LC500 #lexusLC500 #lk #500 #cars #car #carswithoutlimits #carsofinstagram #sport #sportscar #jdm #design #details

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From Lexus are asking us not to sit in the interior. We are still before a prototype. No problem, that yes, in cotillearlo from the hinge of the door, since that threshold is well finished, with a “Lexus” recibiéndonos. I ask for the keys to see the inside and to see the design of the remote that future owners will carry in their pockets.

Good! Lexus has changed the key and, to my I have a command of nice appearance, beautiful curves, well-resolved. Pulse the button open and pulling the door out of the body. Nice gesture, good design solution, I like the feel, I think of the experience as a user and what it entails to get to your car and this you get with a detail as well.

unfortunately, the multimedia system, instrumentation… are off, but that in no way dims a redesign of the central console and the front of the dashboard that now it’s contemporary, it’s beautiful, flowing lines and joints of good quality. Step your finger across each edge of the dashboard, knowing that it is a “homemade”, but with a result more than satisfactory. I would have liked to meet with a dashboard as well, or at least similar in the comparison between the Lexus RC F and the BMW M4, in that trip with the Lexus GS F and the Lexus RC F.

lexus-lc-500-2016-06lexus-lc-500-2016-03A large screen is the main feature of the central console, the steering wheel now looks a most current design and at the other end of the dashboard culminating with a nice curvature. The seats are spotless, with a good look and a fine touch, I see that there is a handle separating the driver’s stand of the airbag, in the purest style of the Jaguar F-Type… I am liking this that I’m seeing, this new path adopted by Lexus, now, of course, have to see how this is cabin living with him, and as he moved to what is seen here to other future models of the brand.

The day begins to fondle the middle of the night, I give a few more turns around, and attempt to photograph, with not too much fortune, its interior. There is No way to take a snapshot of decent, noise-free and in which can be translate in terms of what I have seen and touched this car. Luckily, its exterior is more easy, but it is already too late to tell you on Twitter or Instagram, “first thing tomorrow” I think.

Is the time to retire, I’m gone, I’m going to the parking lot, a parking lot empty in the that the Miata is waiting for me alone next to a handful of Lexus NX of the people of the mark. I start and I go home thinking about the new coupe from Lexus has convinced me (and a lot). is necessary to know its dynamics, lack require even more to your cabin and analyse more carefully, with more light and time design, but yes, for now I take a more that pleasant feeling with this Lexus LC.

Congratulations Lexus.

lexus-lc-500-31If you go to the next Hall of Madrid you will be able to view at the stand of Lexus the new Lexus LC 500 and learn first-hand about the new coupe from the japanese brand.