Kode57: a barqueta of classical inspiration and 620 CV of Ken Okuyama


From the vista front we find reminiscences with the Ferrari Enzo.

One of the biggest surprises that we afforded this edition of the Monterey Car Week has been the presentation of the new work of Ken Okuyama, , the japanese designer who rose to fame following his step-by-Pininfarina, being responsible for works such as the Enzo Ferrari, whose style is precisely reflected in the lines of the new supercar of Okuyama, named Kode57.

The Kode57 is a kind of barqueta front motor, which according to the designer himself pays homage to trays classic of the year 1957, how were the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa or Jaguar XKSS. Although unlike these, of lines fully rounded and organic shapes, this barqueta account with razor-sharp lines and blunt edges.

Its open configuration seems not to have any type of cover, or at least has not disposed of it during his presentation. One of its greatest peculiarities is the system of opening of doors, type scissors but reverse. That is to say, they rise vertically backward, in a way very similar to the one that we already saw in the secret prototype electric recently discovered of the australian Holden.


lines absolutely straight and pays tribute to models of design extremely organic.
despite have not revealed the platform used to develop the Kode57, Okuyama yes, it has revealed the performance figures of the V12 engine that propels, being situated very delayed, behind the front axle.

The twelve-cylinder has 6.0 liters and a power of 611 hp (620 HP) and a maximum torque of 607 Nm, figures identical to the V12 used in the Ferrari 599 GTB, also the work of the designer japanese your step by Pininfarina. Which makes you think that the Kode57 has been manufactured about this.

the image of The new piece of Okuyama is spectacular, after a aggressive and sharp front with generous air intakes found as the head of the engine protrudes visibly above the capo. After this, we find a windshield without a frame very sloping and low height, that played with their top line with the small windows of the doors, drawing a stylized cockpit.


The huge arches built and the diffuser give an image very sporty.
In the rear we find an overhang, even shorter than the front and the presence of a large diffuser. The rear light clusters are limited to just two large pilots circular, to the classical way. From this view you can appreciate the true dimension of the arches of safety twins that are born after the seats.

In terms of her frame there is little data at the moment, however, the section of suspensions has been designed by the preparer Novitec Rosso, using a system entirely adjustable that allows you to raise the front up to 45 millimeters, and the precious wheels of 5 twin-spoke mounted tires high performance Pirelli P Zero.

The Kode57 will be manufactured in a short series, of which this first
copy filed in Monterey has already been acquired by the boxer
american Floyd Mayweather
, is an avid collector of supercars