Kode57: the last of Ken Okuyama, creator of the Ferrari Enzo

Kode57 Ken OkuyamaPerhaps many will not sound the name of Ken Okuyama as well first. Although, if I tell you that this is a japanese designer maker of models as emblematic as the Ferrari Enzo, perhaps you will be playing. Among his most successful designs while working for Pininfarina are others from the likes of the Maserati Quattroporte or the Ferrari P4/5. You are now presented its latest creation, the Kode57.

Has been revealed in Pebble Beach, in one of the events within the Monterey Car Week. The numbers of your name will make reference to the 1957, since this vehicle is meant to do homage to some classics this year as the Jaguar XKSS or Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. This is a prototype convertible light that the designer intends to produce a small run of copies.

Kode57 Ken OkuyamaThe Kode57 is easy to recognize thanks to a front similar to that of the Enzo or a windshield, very narrow and inclined. Behind stands out by its huge rear diffuser and a few pilots circular. The wheels are 21-inch in front and 22 inches behind. doors are scissor but they are open to the reverse. On the hood stops to see a huge engine and that it is placed in front position makes the rear overhang is much shorter.

This mechanic is allowed to see it is a V12 6.0-liter that says Okuyama developed 620 HP and 607 Nm of torque, not bad for although little more than 1,500 kg are Also available in a preparation of Novitec to increase its power up to 702 HP and 641 Nm. The first Kode57 that is being shown at Pebble Beach is said to have been purchased by Floyd Mayweather. We will have to wait to find out how many are made and what is its price.

Kode57 Ken OkuyamaSource – Ken Okuyama