Koenigsegg Agera RSR: a new limited series based on the Agera RS


Presented this Monday in Japan.

The small Swedish firm of supercars has released in Japan the new version Agera RSR, a model that will be manufactured in a strictly limited series of only 3 copies that will be new solutions for aerodynamic and finished to specific and well-differentiated for this special edition.

The new model is based on the Koenigsegg Agera RS, extreme version of the Agera R presented in Geneva 2015″, which took elements of the One:1 and that was manufactured in a run of only 25 units. Series that do not belong to these 3 new units called RSR, which have been expressly requested by the dealer of the brand in Japan, where it was presented on Monday 5 September.

These copies have a hardtop removable and new elements aerodynamic directly inspired in the One:1, as the new air intake located on the roof and the rear spoiler dynamic. The new Agera RSR account with the same engine of 8 cylinders in V and twin turbo 5 liter the Agera RS for 2015, with 1,176 HP (1.160 hp) and 1.289 Nm of maximum torque. For the moment, the Swedish brand has not revealed the weight of the new version, so that we understand that it will have a similar mass to that of the Agera RS, 1.395 kg, which is about 40 less than the Agera R.


Based on the Agera RS 2015.

The benefits for both, despite not having been declared by the mark, should be similar to the Agera RS, with a capacity of acceleration of 2.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h from a standing start, and a maximum speed estimated to be around 400 km/h.

Although the firm does not reveal in his presentation, some in the media rushed to point out that the engine 1.364 HP (1.346 hp) and 1.371 Nm of the One:1 could be optionally available for these specimens, which have already found an owner and have been manufactured in three colours as distinct, white, turquoise blue and white, with the interior made under the wishes express to their new owners.

According to the description of Christian von Koenigsegg, visible head and founder of the brand that bears his name, “Japan has been an important market for Koenigsegg since the early days of the company. It has produced in us a great pleasure to work with our japanese customers to bring to life the Agera RSR. The cars have been designed to add a new dimension to the already exclusive series Agera RS.”