Koenigsegg pays homage to Prince with a Regera purple


If anyone asks, we will do so.

With that simple phrase, the Swedish manufacturer of supercars has responded to comments from their audience on social networks after the render posted of a possible Koenigsegg Regera in purple.

To be exact, in a tone of paint that they call “Lila Regera”, the signature of Christian Von Koenigsegg has appeared on the Facebook of the manufacturer is the model that would be willing to produce on-demand as tribute to the singer who passed away on April 21, and that would probably be to the liking of the eccentric artist.

Recall that the Regera is the last supercar hybrid of Koenigsegg that was presented for the first time at the Geneva motor show 2015. Develops the spectacular figure of to 1,500 HP and 2,000 Nm of torque when you combine his V8 engine 5.0 liters and three electric motors, something that allows you to achieve the 100 Km/h from standstill in just 2.8 seconds; that if, with a price that exceeds the € 1.7 million (plus taxes).

From the signature, have not wanted to provide more details with regard to a possible special edition, and that is with the exception of the One off (unique models) that the brand developed to celebrate any special occasion, all sports produced in Ängelholm are customized to the full at the choice of their future owners, from the exterior paint to the color of the stitches of the interior upholstery.

There is nothing wrong with this tone Purple Rain in your body. Isn’t it?