Koenigsegg regera: what the hell they serve their cam if not using gearbox


We can not hide our astonishment, and even our excitement when talking about the Koenigsegg Agera . Hence we should not be surprised that Christian von Koenigsegg, the father of the child, posase proud and happy with her in the Geneva. But you will be with me that one of the most impressive sections of this high-flying sport that develops 1,500 hp, we have in the absence of gearbox. Forget continuous variable, torque converters and clutches, as would understand in any other car. The Koenigsegg regera has no gears. That said, what the hell we serve these cams behind the wheel?

Koenigsegg does not define a hybrid regera use, even when using plug electric motors and batteries. Its intermediate electric system between its V8 engine and rear axle.

A Christian von Koenigsegg does not like to define as a hybrid regera , albeit plug, and count with three electric motors and batteries. Regera Koenigsegg have gotten this electrical display, in which one of the engines would be coupled to the output of the crankshaft, and two on each side of the rear axle intermediating combustion engine with eight cylinders to manage the delivery of torque required at each instant.

The idea is not without interest, since according Koenigsegg this electrical system only weigh 88 kilograms. 9.27 kWh battery would weigh another 115 kilograms. The hybrid system of a McLaren P1 weighs about 170 kilograms, to which should be added the weight of a dual-clutch Graziano. The regera lack of such a thing.



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