Koenigsegg says no to an SUV, although it does not rule out a sedan

During the Geneva motor show we were able to know the Koenigsegg Regera of production, the last great madness of Christian Von Koenigsegg and his dream of being the best sports car manufacturer in the world. With the Koenigsegg Agera on the end of your production and the Regera at the point of getting to their lucky customers, it is the best time to look to the future and ask where you want to reach Koenigsegg to the medium and long term, especially now that the automotive world is living mired in the dependency of the SUV. Will there be an SUV in Koengisegg? Perhaps a sedan? Why not an electric?


So the system works Koenigsegg Direct Drive 1.782 CV Koengisegg Regera

The business of Koenigsegg is in the supercars, even hiperdeportivos, if we are strict, but its founder Christian Von Koenigsegg wants to continue to grow at Koenigsegg as a luxury brand by integrating its range of new concepts. The Koenigsegg Regera has been the first major change within the range Koenigsegg, and it is that although we talk about a car able to beat it comfortably to 1500 HP and 400 Km/h, its philosophy as a sports car is closer to that of a Gran Turismo than that of a car to roll in the circuit.

we Can then say that with the Koenigsegg Regera has wanted to bet by a new form of performance, where comfort and technology are at the same level that the benefits. For this reason, from Top Gear have not hesitated to ask openly if Koenigsegg closes doors to other concepts of vehicles like SUV, sedans, etc., The response of Christian the we can be categorized as excellent, in addition to be an idea that should apply to other manufacturers.

koenigsegg-salon-de-ginebra-2015-01-1440pxIn reference to the SUV, Koenigsegg can build an SUV using all the technology that has, at a technical level would not be a problem, and in fact its founder is convinced that to manufacture an SUV would be a great commercial success. Then we will see an SUV in Koenigsegg? …No. Christian is not a fan of the SUV, and even less taking into account what is your philosophy as a manufacturer is where to look for sales according to evolve is the tonic predominant. So, the idea of a SUV in Koenigsegg is totally discarded.

But even though the SUV is not in the roadmap, other ideas begin to roll the head of Christian. Ideas such as a sedan high-flying taking advantage of the hybrid technology of the Koengisegg Regera, a sort of saloon the world’s fastest with the latest trains of hybrid propulsion. In the same way, the possibility of seeing the first Koenigsegg to 100% electric is becoming more and more strength, and it is that the market is pointing more and more towards that destination, having, in addition to Rimac as partners in trains of alternative propulsion.

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