Koeru Mazda concept: the BMW X4 comes Mazda


Mazda reveals the list of developments that will present us in the near Frankfurt a Frankfurt to remember will start on September 17. Between production cars that we see there, including Mazda2, the Mazda MX-5, the CX-3 and company we will find a new SUV a SUV conceptual that under the name of Mazda Koeru appears to us now as a breakthrough.

are facing the question of whether, production reached, will be a new SUV “normal” large or if the other side is a coupe design variant CX-3 or CX -5.

Koeru it refers to “higher” to “go beyond” leaving us with the mystery of that segment this alternative to eventually produce a background, it will be a Mazda CX-7? Be a intermediate model between the familiar Mazda CX-3 and CX-5? Mazda CX-6 prepared to introduce in certain coupes air?

For now we encounter a grill, a few lenses and side nerves that leave us clear influence of language KODO , while in the rear we find a tinge coupe that makes us think this Koeru as some interpretation, from the perspective of Mazda, of the segment in which they integrate Mercedes GLC , the BMW X4 .

We will know in just over a month, maybe then Mazda would reveal more about his possible arrival to production, which is not introduced. For now we are left with a number of questions and a first image in advance.

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