Kreisel presents a Mercedes G-Class 100% Electric

If we have to make a ranking of zero-emission vehicles, at no time would pass by our mind models such as the Mercedes G Class. That has now finished, and is that in Kreisel have adapted the iconic off-road German passes happen to be 100% electric.

In fact, the company formed by three brothers that fuse their knowledge in mechanical engineering, electronics and business management based its business model in the research, development, and conversion of vehicles to mobility 100% electric, like the Porsche Panamera, Skoda Yeti or BMW 3 Series (among others) that are found in your resume.


Thus, starting from a Class G 350 d, the austrians have managed to 300 Km of autonomy with a single charge thanks to a battery set of 80kWh that may be charged to 80% in just 25 minutes. Perhaps, what may seem too much for the set is the weight of the same (510 Kg), but has been distributed in several areas of the vehicle such as the floor or the gap that has left the fuel tank, also improving its weight distribution and center of gravity.

If we have to talk about figures, this off-road track gets 490 HP of power with a maximum speed of 180 Km/h or the ability to achieve the 100 Km/h from standstill in just 5,6 seconds. Nothing bad to speak of a mastodon of approximately 2,600 Kg of weight in total.


As a curiosity in this regard, during the presentation event of the new vehicle Kreisel was present the very Arnold Schwarzenegger that, happy with the job has commissioned the conversion of their own G-Class to the signature of austria to continue at the wheel of a vehicle of imposing aspect, but without having to go by a gas station.

Will the electrical technology coming, thanks to firms like Kreisel, to be an instrument with the capacity to adapt in the near future our vehicles to 0 emission extends their useful life?