Kris Meeke achieved a great victory in the Rally of Portugal


At full development of the Citroën C3 WRC 2017 and with a
program part limited to the european, the French firm has already
complied with your record
in a year of transition in which do not have a team
factory. And all thanks to his pilot stronger. Kris Meeke has been imposed in
the Rally of Portugal
and added that it is up to date with the latest victory
the successful Citroën DS3 WRC. In his second win in the World cup has been
accompanied on the podium by Andreas Mikkelsen and Sébastien Ogier. Dani Sordo
finishes fourth
, while Pontus Tidemand wins in WRC2.

The last stage of the Rally of Portugal started with the great
lure of the fight for the second position. Sébastien Ogier and Andreas
Mikkelsen started the day separated by 3.1 seconds
, although quickly
things were going to be put in the face to the Norwegian. Andreas Mikkelsen is down the
scratch in the first step by ‘Vieira do Minho’
, while Ogier was left 8.8 seconds in respect to its partner Volkswagen. The reason
for such a low performance was no other than the puncture suffered by Sébastien
in the final stretch of the special stage. Kris Meeke as is logical not
I was risking.

The margin of lost time that made him fall to the third
position, the problem for Sébastien Ogier is that he ran out of wheel
for the rest of the sections of the day. Andreas Mikkelsen
I took advantage of this condition to endosarle other 2.4 seconds in the ‘Fafe’,
while Kris Meeke became the third fastest rider in the stretch,
preserving unchanged its advantage. In this aspect, the stretch from televised left
a few incidents and low, Valeriy Gorban and Hubert Ptaszek were
out of the race when landing badly in the mythic break


All in all, Sébastien Ogier is noted the scratch on the SS18,
getting cut 1.3 seconds to Mikkelsen. The French was a
small consolation before the dispute of the Power Stage, every time the second
position seemed out of reach for the French. Jari-Matti Latvala was
just behind Mikkelsen in this section
, thus completing a hat-trick for
the Polo R WRC. Behind the three Volkswagen drivers, Kris
Meeke and Dani Sordo returning to complete a stretch that showed to have rhythm,
but in not taking risks with their positions secured.

The decisive Power Stage was again a battle between
pilots willing to take those extra points, those who were forced
to go fast in their individual struggles and others that are not playing anything and that by
not taking risks. Finally, the second pass through ‘Fafe’ left a
new podium for Volkswagen Motorsport. Sébastien Ogier is down the three
extra points
, though I could snatch the second position to Andreas
Mikkelsen, who was third in this section. Jari-Matti Latvala slipped between
both for adding two points
in a rally discreet Finnish.

Despite not being among the top three, Kris Meeke was
the happiest man at the end of SS19
, since born his second
victory in the World Rally. Andreas Mikkelsen and Sébastien Ogier are
were left with the two remaining positions on the podium, while Dani Sordo
it was the fourth
in a rally in which he could not stop the drive of the Polo R WRC. By
behind the Spanish, Eric Camilli managed to maintain its fifth position, despite
a spinning top in the final stretch
. Jari-Matti Latvala, Mads Ostberg, Martin Prokop,
Pontus Tidemand and Nicolas Fuchs completed the top ten of the test.


Pontus Tidemand has been the winner of the category WRC2. The pilot Swedish has not had opponent in any moment of the test for the pace and although a prick slowed its progression, has not had problems to be imposed on Nicolas Fuchs. Third, for its part, has been Marius Aasen after overtaking on the last stretch to Scott Pedder. In regard to the action Spanish, José Antonio ‘Rocket’ Suarez has finished twelfth in WRC2, while Gustavo Sosa has also managed to finish the test. Both drivers have had all kinds of problems throughout the three days of competition.

final Standings of the 50th Rally of Portugal

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 Kris Meeke Citroën DS3 WRC 3:59:01.0
2nd Andreas Mikkelsen Volkswagen Polo R WRC +29.7
3rd Sébastien Ogier Volkswagen Polo R WRC +34.5
4th Dani Sordo Hyundai i20 WRC +1:37.1
5th Eric Camilli Ford Fiesta RS WRC +4:01.6
6th Jari-Matti Latvala Volkswagen Polo R WRC +4:06.9
7th Mads Ostberg Ford Fiesta RS WRC +6:53.6
8th Martin Prokop Ford Fiesta RS WRC +10:24.1
9th Pontus Tidemand Skoda Fabia R5 +11:45.2
10th Nicolas Fuchs Skoda Fabia R5 +13:14.0