Kris Meeke changes its strategy from the Rally of Argentina


Kris Meeke was one of the candidates to the title of the WRC in
the result of his position as spearhead of the project of Citroën Racing
the new Citroën C3 WRC. However, all the good purposes of the
in northern ireland and the French brand have been consumed
in just four rallies.
Although Meeke has had a pace very positive and has even won the Rally of
Mexico, the problems of ‘set up’ of the C3 WRC in Monte carlo and Sweden, as well as
the engine failure suffered by Meeke in the Tour de Corse when he was a leader, have
left out of the game

With 61 points of disadvantage with respect to Sébastien Ogier, the
northern ireland has decided to change its strategy and leave in a second plane, the
fight for the title. In this aspect, Kris Meeke wants to focus on accumulating
so many victories in rally as you can this season, starting with the own
Rally of Argentina: I have a lot of confidence in the pace of the car, but it is
hard to say you’re up when you have three zeros and you are seventh in the
championship. At the beginning of the year had a strategy and a plan of how to make
things, but that no longer exists. Now it is to win rallies“.

In this aspect, Kris Meeke recognized in ‘Autosport’ that of
face the Rally of Argentina as the is going to use this new philosophy competitive.
To do this, it relies on the fond memories he has of this test. Not
however, Kris Meeke got his first win in a rally of the WRC in the
sections that surround Villa Carlos Paz:I’m going to take my victory here
Argentina in 2015 as motivation
, but you have to be sensible with this rally. It is a scenario
complicated where a stone erected on the road you may end up with your
career. it Is quite easy to get trapped and more with these new cars”.