KTM X-Bow GT4, so its spectacular front

KTM X Bow GT4 KTM X Bow GT4, así es su espectacular frontal On November made the cover of ActualidadMotor confirmation of a new partnership between the Austrian manufacturer KTM and Reiter Engineering, a new partnership that will bring the birth of a new sports whose use will limited only to circuit . On that occasion we could see an overhead image of the apparatus and little else, since not announced nor the name of the beast.

Today we have new details, although both sides remain timid as far as information is concerned. The new sports car will be called KTM X-Bow GT4 and looks a very aggressive front as we can see in the picture provided by KTM. In his day and we could know that would be a closed model, along with a dome to the carrier would have a vented cover for the engine.

Under this cover ventilated and move as radical silhouette, has opted for a block 2.0-liter TFSI develops 320 hp . Obviously, as a good sport, all the power is transferred to the rear wheels. For such task has opted for a sequential gearbox with six-speed and operated by paddles behind the steering wheel. For now know more details, but as hopefully have a low weight.

KTM KTM X Bow GT4, así es su espectacular frontal Reiter Engineering has declared, in the hand of its owner Hans Reiter, that the fact of being developed on a known model and experienced for 6 years in all circuits in the world is a factor to consider , since the client will receive a proven in many circumstances but improved so with latest technologies that can be considered a new model vehicle.

Recall that although KTM has participated in developing the model intensely, will be responsible for manufacturing the KTM X-Bow GT4 as well as sales and all activities generated as a result the company Reiter Engineering thereof. The price was not disclosed nor arrival but may choose to compete in SRO GT4 or in the Pirelli World Challenge GT-S classes.

Source – KTM

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