Kubica could try again a F1

Robert Kubica as you know was an extraordinary pilot of F1 Polish. It was pretty good, but during the competition in a rally accident and his hand was seriously damaged. It was feared for the integrity of his hand and even came to think that the would lose, but finally it was not so and has been able to recover little by little her mobility to return to compete in other categories.

But F1 is another story, it is much more demanding, and now with the new cars much more. So that accident retired early to Kubica in the category queen. In recent years, Kubica has remained doing what he loves, driving, car rallies and has now been confirmed for the WEB on the computer ByKolles.

Coche de Kubica accidentado

three years Ago he offered to Kubica the possibility of testing a single-seater during the test, and see if I could go back to riding or not. But the Polish refused the offer and not came up, as he himself has confirmed that he did not feel confident to do it well. His physical condition was not the best to do so, rejecting a possibility that maybe it does not happen again. Now it has changed of idea, and I would answer different if it is offered.

But now has changed his mind, I would like to try a F1 and believes it could do well. In addition he says that “I have tested various simulators, and I am convinced that could compete in the 80% of the tracks, although not in all. I have to recognize that to make a test of Formula 1 is one thing and to play a full weekend is another totally different. […] In my last three seasons in F1 and managed to achieve a remarkable level of performance, a level that I do not think this would have.”.