Kubica feels prepared to get back to a Formula 1


The Polish pilot was one of the most desired of the grid of the Formula 1 in its time. Official driver of BMW and Renault, Robert Kubica was followed by many top equipment of the category and reached a preliminary agreement with Scuderia Ferrari.

But a few days before starting the pre-season of 2011, he suffered a serious accident in the Rally ‘Ronde di Andora’ (it is very fond of this discipline and in the winter made several rallies every year) that made her fear for her life and affected in a permanent manner the mobility of his right arm.

Since then, the Polish has competed in various forms of rallying -including the world-, as well as competitions of cars and resistance in circuits. A few years ago, came the opportunity to perform a test of Formula 1, but rejected it for not being prepared to deal with it. “I didn’t have the confidence to do it well. I know that some opportunities only come once, but wanted to be sure about my condition and what it was capable of doing. If it wasn’t, he preferred to forget it. My physical condition is not common and few people have been in similar circumstances. Everyone reacts differently, and that can be very personal,”, recognized Kubica in a statement to Motorsport.

Robert Kubica’s place this year in the WEC with ByKolles, a private computer and put it in the category LMP1 created by the ex-head of team formations of the Formula 1 as Midland or HRT. Now Kubica feels prepared to get back to a car as demanding as Formula 1, but has no offer to do so. “Today would respond differently. I would like to try a Formula 1 car. It has been a long time since I rode one, so I would have to try it, but I think I could do it well. I would like to relive the experience. I have tested various simulators, and I am convinced that it could compete in 80% of the tracks, but not all. There is that to recognize that doing a test is one thing and to play a full weekend is a completely different”.

The world of resistance is their next target and, after the simulations, thinks that Robert will not have problems in perform to the best of their abilities. “it Was, and I am a pilot that in the past I used to work with great professionals. Today I start a new path, and I should be able to adapt to different circumstances. In the last few years, I have received many offers to compete, but I always wanted to do some test before. I need to know that my body can handle it. Now I feel ready. After the test in Bahrain I tried the steering angle and there should be no problems”, ended the Polish.