Kubica feels ready for F1: “it Is much easier in the car”


The expectation that has been created by Robert Kubica with his back to the universe Formula 1 makes it very clear fingerprint that the Polish pilot left during your stay in the category. And, despite having been away from the same six years, has given a clear sign of his talent and determination, completing a total of 142 laps at the Hungaroring and getting the fourth best time of the day.

Subsequently, Robert Kubica has appeared before the press to talk about all kinds of details, because all the world wants to know if its return is feasible and if the aftermath of his accident in the Rally di Andora in February 2011 are actually an impediment to it.

“I Appreciate to Renault and they have done for me.”

Renault has been ported as a team lord with Kubica, and has allowed him to perform a process by which both parties already have the answer to all the questions, something that calms and allows the pilot to remove a thorn that had stuck.

“anything can happen in the future, but we have to be realistic, it will not be easy. One thing is for sure, if he does not get (his turn as a pilot officer), I will not be disappointed because I am facing this situation, this opportunity, so very, very realistic”.

“I Appreciate Renault and what they have done, when we met for the first time, I don’t think anyone was thinking in allowing me to drive in a day official, at the Hungaroring, but it happened. This shows that the last two and a half months have been very important, not only for myself.”

“much Remains to be done, so I would like to enjoy the moment and think about what has happened today, because many things have happened while I was riding. If I have the opportunity of riding in the car, it will be much easier, more familiar”.


“This car has nothing to do with the above”

The greatest difficulty that Robert Kubica has been found to give the best has been the adaptation to a car that is like nothing you have driven before. Kubica acknowledges that the grip this car has and how heavy it is in comparison to Formula 1 cars that raced here in his time, have prevented him from feeling entirely comfortable.

“To a pilot, the best feeling you can have is when everything flows with such ease that you don’t have to think about it, but when everything is new you should concentrate on several things. I am honest, the last thing I wanted to do today was get out or crashing the car. I’m not 100% happy. The biggest difference is that this car has nothing to do with what I’ve tested of late.”

“The cars are much heavier. The last time I rode in F1, the minimum weight was 620 kilograms, 100 kilograms extra makes a big difference”.

“it has Not been easy, not I hide, but has gone well”

The biggest question was whether Robert Kubica could be driving a Formula 1 with their physical limitations in the arm. The Polish does not hide it has been a tough day with temperatures of over 35 ° C in the environment, but claims that he has not felt pain in the arm and that could come back to get in the car tomorrow without any problems.

“we Know that Hungary is a difficult track, one of the most physical. Nico (Hülkenberg) said the same thing, that if I could drive here, you could probably do it in any circuit. It has been a hard work, but I think that the majority of riders have experienced riding here, you Can predict that was not easy, I am not hiding, but was well”.

“we Did about 140 laps (142), and I think that could lead to morning without problems, so my fitness level is good. There are aspects that need to be improved or done better, but it is always like that.”

“From the physical point of view, inside the car is much better than what appears to be out of it. That is the most important, I have not had pain and now I feel pretty good. Of course, I’m tired, it’s been a hot day and I’ve done eight hours of filming, I left the car for only ten minutes”.


“The steering wheel has been adapted by modifying the position of the buttons”

Robert Kubica has needed some modifications to be able to fly the single seater, specifically in the cam change and on the steering wheel. But the Polish explains that nothing has been made specifically for him and that he used standard parts.

“The adaptation of the steering wheel is not something that has been made especially for me. There are some changes in the cam change, but it is something that has been used in the past and still is used with other computers that I know of and have tested it in the simulators. Nothing has been made specifically for me.”

“The steering wheel is adapted in the last two days, but only to rearrange the position of the buttons and allowing me to operate the priority of the easiest way and the least used in the position more complicated”.

“of course I want more, but my only plan is to go back to home”

Much has been speculated with the return of Kubica this year as a pilot officer in replacement of Jolyon Palmer if the test was satisfactory, but Robert says that there are no more plans at this time. The Polish faced the situation with realism by flag and expected to emerge more opportunities in the future.

“If someone had said three months ago that you would be here completing 140 laps, he would have signed without hesitation, but when you’re already here, you want to do more and better. But I have to say that we have to be happy and I what I am”.

“The only plan is to take the return flight tomorrow and go back home. I don’t know, of course I would like to have other opportunities, but the reality is that I do not know and will have to wait and see what happens”.