Kubica: “I have answered many of the questions that I posed to myself”


The return of Robert Kubica at the wheel of a Formula 1 current has left him fourth in a time table that, although the test does not charge too much relevance because of the countless factors involved and vary in the timesheets, much good in this case to know if the Polish is able to pilot a a level similar to that of the members of the grill today.

Gave more returns in the two tests earlier that did next to Renault in the Ricardo Tormo and at Paul Ricard, combining long run with drills of classification. “to Be here today at RS17 was a fantastic feeling for me, and also it was awesome to see so many fans come to see me at the track, I want to thank you all,”, said Kubica on the day that he was put at the controls of the single-seater from the stable of diamond.

Has been a way amazing up to now, be in the RS17 was a fantastic feeling to me

“it Has been a journey of incredible up until now, I have answered many of the questions that I posed to myself”. The doubts about his physical condition on a car of this season were at the head of all the followers of the sport, but apparently, also on his own. “I’ve learned a lot about the latest generation of cars, as there are a reasonable amount of differences between these and the Formula 1 that I rode in the past”.

Kubica says flatly that “the car is wider than before”. In fact, what was found, in good faith, go out for the first time box, when collided slightly with the side of the door and pulled down the poster of Nico H├╝lkenberg lucia in the framework of the garage. “I was able to complete the program from the computer methodically, and I believe that we progress quite a bit. Frankly, I now know much better the RS17 and the tires of 2017. it Is too soon to say what might be the next step after today. By now I owe a big thank you to all of the world of Renault Sport F1 Team for making this possible”.

For his part, Alan Stand, sporting director of Renault, catalog the day of full and productive, as “Kubica rolled a distance equivalent to more than two Major Awards” as well as “he was able to contribute great observations about the program today”.