Kubica sees “a 80-90% chance” of returning to the Formula 1


The Polish day was the objective eyes of many personalities from the paddock of the Formula 1 has returned to make statements, after his reappearance in the festival of speed at Goodwood.

In this case, chatted for several with the means Auto Express, in which he surprised more than one of those present when he said that their real possibilities of returning to the premier class of motorsport. “If I had asked for the real options return to the Formula 1, before the test, I would have said that a ten or twenty percent”. The aftermath of the accident he suffered in the rally posed a great concern to him, since his physical condition had diminished, and the cars now require 100% of the pilot.

Renault offered him the possibility of riding with them for a few tests, initially meant for Sergey Sirotkin, test driver of the team of diamond, to help in your rehabilitation. “The time is running out, not only in classification, but I also I’m getting older. F1 goes so fast that some people forget this all, not all, but some do,”. The French themselves who did not forget him, allowing him to complete 115 laps on board a Lotus E-20, 2012 in Valencia.

“As I am very realistic, and I like to keep my feet on the ground, I would say that 80-90%”. The paradigm shift to Kubica has been brutal, quadrupling their options to return to Formula 1 after testing a single-seater again. “you create your own questions, based on how much you know yourself and your body. If you had asked me about them after the first round in Valencia, you would have answered they were gone muy muy muy muy away”.

The rumors suggest that Robert broke the mark of Sirotkin in such tests, demonstrating a fast-paced and consistent in a program of Grand Prize reduced to be able to carry it out in a single day. After the testings usual, took the controls of the car and enjoyed as a small child. “from there, everything becomes much more simple than I thought. This gives you a lot of confidence, and puts you on a completely different level; you try to have a better feeling in the car and a better performance”.

it seemed to Me that I had not ridden in over a month, not for six years

“once my comfort, or let’s say my limitations, we were three laps, I was able to concentrate on attempting to re-display an appropriate pace”. Three laps were enough to back to feeling as before, completing laps one after the other, each of which is better. “I Am surprised by how I felt, it seemed to me that I had not ridden in over a month, not for six years”.

finally, Kubica is shown as having managed to regain sensations lost: “My first goal was to see if it was able to do it, and more or less what I got”. “In the second place, being realistic, I tried to go slowly improving, step-by-step”. Your ability will increase as you progress the time, and is expected to perform a second test with a Formula 1 car. “F1 is a tough competition, and I’ve been a long time away from racing. “This was a great relief for me, because this test was ‘Yes, I can do it’ or ‘No, I have to close the doors of the F1 forever’”.