Kvyat believed to have been at the level of Ricciardo in the Red Bull


to Finish in front of Daniel Ricciardo in his first season at Red Bull was not sufficient for the credit of Daniil Kvyat to last more than four Major Awards. Despite his podium in China, which was the only team in that moment, their incident with Sebastian Vettel in the same race, and the one that starred in the following test at home, coupled with the emergence of Max Verstappen, combined to bring about the change of seats most unexpected of the last few years.

Having regained some of his best in the second half of the season, Kvyat has expressed, in statements to Autosport, who considers that his performance in his stay of 23 Great Prizes next to Ricciardo was on par with the australian: “It’s a great pilot, and I think that I have been to your level. I Was a little less consistent, had less experience and perhaps less understanding of the car”.

Up to the summer break, the second stage of his Toro Rosso was proving an absolute nightmare, marked by ratings disappointing performances and discrete in racing, and apostilled by some incidents, and it was not until Singapore when the Russian pilot recovered the aggressiveness that made him a highlight in 2014. Kvyat recalls his problems on arrival a car in which, according to his words, Sainz felt very comfortable, and hopes to be a match for madrid in 2017.

“What Carlos feels now is that has made the car work for him. After the first three races, the car was going very well, and then, when I arrived, I was totally out of site in the car. He was in a very high level and consistent, I knew that it would be very difficult to beat. When I aclimaté, we were very evenly matched. I’m excited for the coming year, it will be interesting to face Carlos”.

The current alignment of pilots of Red Bull in the Formula 1 account with many siren songs in the entire grid, and therefore the duo of the main computer is tied up until the end of 2018. With Sainz present in the rumor mill of changes to equipment, Kvyat kept quiet about your situation for the future: “we will Try to do our job as best we can. Red Bull has good pilots and, of course, at some point all these riders want to be champions. You will have to choose, depends on them”.