Kvyat believes that he would have returned to beat Ricciardo: “I did everything right”


The soap opera of the exchange of pilots of Red Bull continues to talk and, although the intensity has decreased noticeably after the victory of Max Verstappen in Barcelona, the views on both sides of the balance are still coming in. On this occasion, the great victim of this operation has become manifest.

One of the many theories that have attempted to delve into the intangible aspects of the exchange of pilots is the possibility that Red Bull felt that they had rushed to give Daniil Kvyat the opportunity of taking a Red Bull following the departure of Sebastian Vettel. The Russian pilot, now in Toro Rosso, threw him to the ground these assertions, and emphasizes the moment that ran through the computer to your arrival:

“The circumstances in which I came to Red Bull Racing
were that the car was worse than the previous year. By then, it was plain that
the pilots of first year appears awesome. I think that the circumstances in
that time were not favorable, but then began to improve, and improve”. All of that that came too soon are nonsense”.

The statements of Kvyat led to the comparison which he established with respect to his former team-mate Daniel Ricciardo. The Russian was completely convinced that he was able to come back to beat the australian in the general this season, and even came back to throw another dart at Red Bull:

“For me, the second half of the season in the Red Bull was good, stable. I was matching and beating to Daniel, I added more points than he, and would have been the same this year“.

“I Was paying more than well,
I gave the first podium of the year, our pace was getting better… Got what they expected of me. It is
all I can say. So I think I did everything right
absolutely everything well”.

The last person to comment on the situation of Daniil has been nothing less than Alex Wurz, president of the GPDA, and one of the most authoritative voices in the paddock. In statements to Motorsport, the former pilot austrian is confident that the current experience will strengthen Kvyat:

“it Is a period of his life that will define much of its character. And it is not easy, but in the long run will make you stronger. I hope it recovers, because it is a very brutal for a guy so young. Daniil, I really like him, he’s a good kid. The head and the heart in the right place, but it is also very fast”.

hundreds or thousands of people would love to have an opportunity as well. I hope that I can convert the rage, which is completely understandable, in positive energy to come back even stronger. Has a few runs until the end of the season to do so”.

Regarding his future, Wurz does not rule out even that return to Red Bull is a chimera if Kvyat pays as it should.

“That will depend on their results. We are in a world very much ruled by the performance, and is in their hands to recover and show that it is worthy of a seat top in one of the teams of Red Bull”.