Kvyat criticizes the rules of changes of address


Declared as a rule ‘anti Verstappen’, the new regulations of the FIA for to avoid direction changes drastic on full braking has had its first victim: Sebastian Vettel. All in all, the penalty of 10 seconds suffered by the German rider has done no more than re-open the debate. In this aspect, Daniil Kvyat believes that Formula 1 is taking a measurement wrong and that instead of creating new rules more strict and general, we must analyze each case individually and does not encompass in a sack maneuvers that can have different nuances.

So what has been explained to Daniil Kvyat in statements to ‘Motorsport.com’, in which he says: “I Feel that this should not be done by a single driver. I Think you should take each case a little more individually and, if something happens, just penalize the driver who they believe has moved in excess at the time of braking”. In line with this, the Russian added:Create another rule is to give less freedom to the riders. This year it has tried to give more space for the actual racing instead of going to a rules more strict. it Seems that they are forgetting what they themselves said“.

all in all, Daniil Kvyat believes that: “at The end I don’t have an opinion very clear anyway in relation to this rule. I don’t know, maybe overtaking will be a little less sharp. It is my opinion, but I insist, in the end if something happens then you are penalized and if nothing happens, as has already occurred with other riders, will not be penalized. Doesn’t make much sense to put a new rule for this. I Think that everything should be a bit more individual instead of creating new rules very general“.